Surviving the Marches

Getting the package

After having checked out the Djavetji resident they went around to the local Imuku Courier Service branch to see if they had any information on the delivery schedule for the apartment complex Tova lived in. After a while they decided that trying to bribe the postsman to give them the package, and if that didn’t fail they would try to rob the postmen on the packages.

Haakon decided they needed to feed the Djavetji Dramo something to get it sick. So he bought some laxatives, added it to a saucage or simmilar meat, and dumped it into the Djavetji maildrop, where he heard the Dramo chew on it happily.

They waited for the mailman to come to the complex, and about an hour late they did show up on the anti-grav garage on top of the complex.

They offered to buy the package for Cr400, and lucky them the haggard old mail man with back pains did agree.

Next, they will contact the Captains parents to stay at their place while they see what is in the package.



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