Surviving the Marches

The beginning

Last time, we did meet Greor Djavetji on the High Port called Captain Rogers, commemorating the first settler landing on Alell. He did ask them to intercept a package he sent to his wife instead of his Mistress. The pay he offered was a Cr1,000 per person, and 2 visa down to Alell. This because 2 of the characters were born on Alell, and the other two was not. Helena Kemp is not from Alell, neither is Haakon Pedersen. In the bargaining for the price, they accepted Cr600 now, and another Cr500 on delivery. They got the Package-ID, and information on where the package is at present and then they head down to the planet.

They started to stake out the service location in central Dali to see of there were any possibilities.

After having staked out the location they decided that intercepting the package in between so they searched out the address of the package, and the wife of Greor.

It was not hard to find, they took the maglev train to the outskirts of the capital of Alell

The address lead them to a large Apartment building, or more like a Archaeology like apartment building. Here they find the apartment of the Djavetji family. This is where they start to do a little more research on Greors wife. They find out that her name is Tova Djavetji, and that the family includes 2 small children, one 10 and one 12 year old. They also have a Dramo.



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