Surviving the Marches

For some reason, the package has raised red flags with the Lady Barbarella crew. They thought it strange that he was adamant in getting the package. He did pay a lot of money to get the package back. So they wanted to peek into the package to see what it contained. It was a large and heavy package for what he said was in it.

But first, they need somewhere to sleep while on Alell. Captain Stavro had talked to his parents, which are still alive, to borrow their apartment. They were to move out to their vacation home while the crew used their apartment.

Opening the door is Jonas Stavro, and from inside the apartment the smell of newly baked bread hit them. And they are treated to home brewed gaffa and bread fresh out of the owen. They make introductions and have a little talk with the Stavro family. After a while, they help them carry their stuff to their vehicle and wave them off.

After having settling in, they break out the package and check what is in it. They try to be careful so that it isn’t obvious that the package has been opened. They even go buy a new box, since the company Greor sent the package with has standardised box sizes.

In the package they find a love note to Jarina, a fairly expensive necklace and a couple of pounds of Blue Crystal.

Now that they know what is in the package, they contacted Greor and asked how they handoff would be done. He wants to meet at a club in the seedier parts of the city the next day.

Just to be safe they decide that they have to check the place out. So they go there, and they arrive at Jack’s Shack. It seem to be a strip club. It is a fairly large club.

While they stake it out, they see a man that has had one or two drinks too many. He starts to climb up on one of the stages. The bouncers are quite fast, but doesn’t reach him in time before he gets up there. Two guards arrive, they yank him off the stage and drags him off into the inner bowels of the club. The Lady Barbarella crew has seen enough and gets out and starts look around for the stage door into the club. They do not find it, but while they search, a door beside a garage door opens and the guy trying to dance with a stripper is thrown out, head first. He lands on the street, obviously unconscious.

Haakon gives the guy a rundown, and it is evident that the guy has had a beating. So Haakon calls the police. And notes that the response time is about 2 minutes.

After that, they head back home to where they are sleeping, to prepare for the handover.



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