Captain Jalos Stavro

A space vagabond wannabee.


Born and raised on Alell/Regina/Spinward Marches in a middle-class family that been around the planet for generations.

Having seen a lot of media where they have romanticized space travel, and the life of a galactic vagabond, it isn’t strange that Jalos started to dream of space and seeing all the sights. He decided early that a space vagabond was he was going to become. He was very focused. All his school years followed a straight line. He was gonna join the Imperial Navy. The Imperial Navy Didn’t agree. The way Jalos sees this, is that all the recruiters must have filled their quota… or something.

His family did help him out, and by helping him get a low-berth to Efate/Regina/Spinward Marches. There he finds a business that is willing to take him in. Trans Sector Unlimited teaches him all he needs to know, and other then that, they find out that he has a knack for trading and haggling.

Captain Jalos Stavro

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