Greor Djavetji

A very plain middle aged Customs Offier


Greor is a tall, thing lanky guy whos uniform is always spotless and clean. His dark brown hair is always cut short, and he sports a thin pencil Mustasch.


Having a wife, and a mistress is not easy being a ordinary government official. Especially not a small time one. Then sending the carepackage that was supposed to be sent to the misstress, sent to the wife. Now that is yet another problem. There is a good thing that there are poeple being stranted in Alell that can help you with that problem…
Greor has been destined to be a gray civil servant all his life. He didn’t shy it. He thought he found gold when he married the love of his life, Tova. Now a couple of years later, when she has become an Administrator at the Alell Tourist Bureau, and he works at the Alell High port. He basicly works 1 week, quite intensively and then gets some time off where he can travel to the capital and spend time with his wife.

Greor Djavetji

Surviving the Marches Honken