Surviving the Marches

The handover, and more.

The crew wakes up in the morning, makes preparations for the coming handover. Haakon and Helena arrives early to the Gaffa house that has a view of the entrance of Jack’s Shack. About an hour later, Aldo Loras and Captain Jalos Stavro show up, takes a seat at a different table and feeling all paranoid hoping not to show that they are of the same crew. While Haakon and Helena stays at the café, Jalos and Aldo enters the strip club.
While sipping their Gaffa at the café Helena gets a glimpse of Greor, and they also discover that he is being followed. And they let the others know through their comm devices.
Jalos, sitting there watching the crowd notice Greor enter. But he does not see the fellow following Greor. He do see that fellow grab Greor from behind and quite openly stabs him multiple times in the back, makes a 180 and rushes out of the club.
Seeing this, both Jalos and Aldo reacts. Aldo being the ex-military chases after the guy, while Jalos, always thinking about getting paid, rushes to Greor and gives him first aid.
Aldo chases after the guy and almost loses him in the afternoon crowd.
Meanwhile, Haakon has left the café together with Helena. Haakon teams up with Aldo, while Helena rushes into the club to see what happened to Aldo.
Entering the club, Helena sees that Aldo is leaning over the bleeding body of Greor, surrounded by a crowd of appalled and curious clubgoers. She hangs back and is ready to give him backup if needed.
The strange perpetrator seem to be a bit of a hurry until he gets to throw something away in a litter bin, then he slows down and walks at a little more leisurely pace. Both Aldo and Haakon follows him, and he does not seem to notice them.
The man, walks about a block, and then approaches a personal contragravity vehicle. Still not aware of the characters, starts to unlock it, when Haakon attacks him, he swings around, and Haakon sprays him in the eyes with hairspray. At this point Aldo joins with an improvised club. They finally knocks this man out cold. So they stuff him into the car, and starts after a short while gets to pass the security measures of the car, and then fly off. They look through the driving log of the vehicle, and figures out where he lives. So they go there.
Meanwhile, Jalos is being questioned by Alell Law Enforcement, and so is Helena, though she tells them he was already on the floor bleeding when she got there. And no, she doesn’t know who the victim is. Jalos on the other hand tells them he knows him, but lies about the reason they are here.
After having given their statements, they contact Aldo and Haakon and finds out their location, and tries to meet up. Having searched through his belongings, they find his communicator, and his Alell ID. His name is Dobrin Wilensky.
After having searched his apartment and questioned him, they only find 2 interesting things. The phone number to Greor’s Mistress, and a note. “We are meeting them 18.00 hours @ Paria Spacedock”.
The Crew stuff Mr Wilensky into the trunk, and gets into the vehicle. And flies off.
They arrive just about half an hour ahead of set time. And they scout around. Most of the location has been taken over by nature again, having both undergrowth and trees in various sizes growing up from the tarmac. They do find a control tower and do search throught noticing that most of it is either trashed or looted.
What they do find though is one landing pad cleared and all it’s visual electronics repaired. And they find a connection box that has a new lock on it. They consider opening it, but thought it could attract too much attention, so they leave it be. About 20 minutes after arriving they hear a contra grav vehicles approaching, so they hide in the tower ruins to watch.
What they see is a covered contra grav vehicle, kind of like a van. They can see 3 people in the front seat, the rest of the vehicle is covered. When it stops, all gets out and 2 more steps out of the back doors of the vehicle. The 2 from behind and one from the front seat disapears into the underbrush, 1 is guarding and one walks towards the cleared landing pad. And this is where next session will start.

The Package!
...and the stripclub.

For some reason, the package has raised red flags with the Lady Barbarella crew. They thought it strange that he was adamant in getting the package. He did pay a lot of money to get the package back. So they wanted to peek into the package to see what it contained. It was a large and heavy package for what he said was in it.

But first, they need somewhere to sleep while on Alell. Captain Stavro had talked to his parents, which are still alive, to borrow their apartment. They were to move out to their vacation home while the crew used their apartment.

Opening the door is Jonas Stavro, and from inside the apartment the smell of newly baked bread hit them. And they are treated to home brewed gaffa and bread fresh out of the owen. They make introductions and have a little talk with the Stavro family. After a while, they help them carry their stuff to their vehicle and wave them off.

After having settling in, they break out the package and check what is in it. They try to be careful so that it isn’t obvious that the package has been opened. They even go buy a new box, since the company Greor sent the package with has standardised box sizes.

In the package they find a love note to Jarina, a fairly expensive necklace and a couple of pounds of Blue Crystal.

Now that they know what is in the package, they contacted Greor and asked how they handoff would be done. He wants to meet at a club in the seedier parts of the city the next day.

Just to be safe they decide that they have to check the place out. So they go there, and they arrive at Jack’s Shack. It seem to be a strip club. It is a fairly large club.

While they stake it out, they see a man that has had one or two drinks too many. He starts to climb up on one of the stages. The bouncers are quite fast, but doesn’t reach him in time before he gets up there. Two guards arrive, they yank him off the stage and drags him off into the inner bowels of the club. The Lady Barbarella crew has seen enough and gets out and starts look around for the stage door into the club. They do not find it, but while they search, a door beside a garage door opens and the guy trying to dance with a stripper is thrown out, head first. He lands on the street, obviously unconscious.

Haakon gives the guy a rundown, and it is evident that the guy has had a beating. So Haakon calls the police. And notes that the response time is about 2 minutes.

After that, they head back home to where they are sleeping, to prepare for the handover.

Getting the package

After having checked out the Djavetji resident they went around to the local Imuku Courier Service branch to see if they had any information on the delivery schedule for the apartment complex Tova lived in. After a while they decided that trying to bribe the postsman to give them the package, and if that didn’t fail they would try to rob the postmen on the packages.

Haakon decided they needed to feed the Djavetji Dramo something to get it sick. So he bought some laxatives, added it to a saucage or simmilar meat, and dumped it into the Djavetji maildrop, where he heard the Dramo chew on it happily.

They waited for the mailman to come to the complex, and about an hour late they did show up on the anti-grav garage on top of the complex.

They offered to buy the package for Cr400, and lucky them the haggard old mail man with back pains did agree.

Next, they will contact the Captains parents to stay at their place while they see what is in the package.

The beginning

Last time, we did meet Greor Djavetji on the High Port called Captain Rogers, commemorating the first settler landing on Alell. He did ask them to intercept a package he sent to his wife instead of his Mistress. The pay he offered was a Cr1,000 per person, and 2 visa down to Alell. This because 2 of the characters were born on Alell, and the other two was not. Helena Kemp is not from Alell, neither is Haakon Pedersen. In the bargaining for the price, they accepted Cr600 now, and another Cr500 on delivery. They got the Package-ID, and information on where the package is at present and then they head down to the planet.

They started to stake out the service location in central Dali to see of there were any possibilities.

After having staked out the location they decided that intercepting the package in between so they searched out the address of the package, and the wife of Greor.

It was not hard to find, they took the maglev train to the outskirts of the capital of Alell

The address lead them to a large Apartment building, or more like a Archaeology like apartment building. Here they find the apartment of the Djavetji family. This is where they start to do a little more research on Greors wife. They find out that her name is Tova Djavetji, and that the family includes 2 small children, one 10 and one 12 year old. They also have a Dramo.

First Session, no adventure yet.

I have long wanted to play both Traveller and GURPS, and this is my way of combining the two wants. From what I have read (and yes, I have read quite a few books), GURPS seem to be the perfect fit for what I want in a RPG system.
One of the premises was that I have made their characters for them. They have never played GURPS before, so it is easier. They can explore their advantages, disadvantages as we go.

Standard Disclaimer. Even though all of the information herein try to use Traveller general canon, it is still my version of it, and therefore it will mostly likely not match your view of what The third Empire and The Spindward Marches is.

Their characters:

They come from all around The spinward marches, except for one, that claims to be from the Corridor sector.

Captain Jalos Stavro, from the lush garden planet Alell/Regina/Spinward Marches. He has always strived to become a traveler of the space lanes, and as it happens, he has a knack for good business deals.

Aldo Loras, the chief mechanic on their endeavor and an ex Imperial Navy Technician. The Fifth frontier war was “only” 3 years long, but for Aldo, it could have been a lifetime. He did see enough death as it was since he was stationed in Efate/Regina/Spinward Marches at the time of start of the war. He wanted a safer work environment. He was recruited to Trans Sector Limited by Jalos Stavro.

Haakon Pedersen was born on Anduril/Sword Worlds/Spinward Marches. It is not something he brags about. With the Fifth frontier war just 5 years ago, Citizens of the Imperium might have a hard time with their backstabbing of the Empire.
There is a third character, but has yet to be introduced to its player. I will present it when that happends.

The Premise.

They have had their own ship now for 1 year, as 2 of the owning partners of the ship has Alell as their home, they decided to have their yearly ship service there. They think they will get a one week vacation while the ship is getting a checkup. But, trouble is brewing just around the corner…


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