Surviving the Marches

First Session, no adventure yet.

I have long wanted to play both Traveller and GURPS, and this is my way of combining the two wants. From what I have read (and yes, I have read quite a few books), GURPS seem to be the perfect fit for what I want in a RPG system.
One of the premises was that I have made their characters for them. They have never played GURPS before, so it is easier. They can explore their advantages, disadvantages as we go.

Standard Disclaimer. Even though all of the information herein try to use Traveller general canon, it is still my version of it, and therefore it will mostly likely not match your view of what The third Empire and The Spindward Marches is.

Their characters:

They come from all around The spinward marches, except for one, that claims to be from the Corridor sector.

Captain Jalos Stavro, from the lush garden planet Alell/Regina/Spinward Marches. He has always strived to become a traveler of the space lanes, and as it happens, he has a knack for good business deals.

Aldo Loras, the chief mechanic on their endeavor and an ex Imperial Navy Technician. The Fifth frontier war was “only” 3 years long, but for Aldo, it could have been a lifetime. He did see enough death as it was since he was stationed in Efate/Regina/Spinward Marches at the time of start of the war. He wanted a safer work environment. He was recruited to Trans Sector Limited by Jalos Stavro.

Haakon Pedersen was born on Anduril/Sword Worlds/Spinward Marches. It is not something he brags about. With the Fifth frontier war just 5 years ago, Citizens of the Imperium might have a hard time with their backstabbing of the Empire.
There is a third character, but has yet to be introduced to its player. I will present it when that happends.

The Premise.

They have had their own ship now for 1 year, as 2 of the owning partners of the ship has Alell as their home, they decided to have their yearly ship service there. They think they will get a one week vacation while the ship is getting a checkup. But, trouble is brewing just around the corner…



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